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Experience the waters of the Pacific Northwest like a Gold Rush Tycoon

This Is Our Story

Our family embarked on the adventure of a lifetime in 1995 with the purchase of our first tugboat "Sea Fox".  Our children became adults on this first vessel while we painstakingly converted her to a yacht. After many years of labor she was sold to be used as a private yacht and underwent even more luxury retrofits. Now on our third tugboat renovation, "Red Cloud" we have found Goldilocks perfect porridge and are ready to share the comfort of her Salon with you. 

What Makes Us Special?

How Special Your Adventure Is.

Local Expert Guides

Currently moored in Ballard, Washington. Find our local guide here!

Handpicked Adventures

Every charter is designed to your unique personality. No two charter experiences are alike!

Hidden Gem Destinations

With our family and network up and down the coast from Seattle to Yakutat, we have local only knowledge to bring you to exclusive destinations you will never forget.


“Not all those who wander are lost.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

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